The saree Soirée

The Indian Diaspora reflects an eclectic mix of tradition
and modernity, a concept synonymous with Sawan
Gandhi. India is home to drapes, a concept that wraps the body in multiple ways, sensuous and strong. London is home to many Indian who find opportunities to express
their culture in a way that homes western sensibilities.
Archana Gosai, a blogger, embodies the essence of a
young, contemporary Indian woman who looks at
England and India as two unique homes. This collaborative is an extension of Sawan Gandhi’s endeavor
to adapt the timelessness of sarees with a modern vision.
The city of London holds a special place for designer
Sawan Gandhi. It was during his first visit he know it
would become like second home. The architecture,
culture and its people all resonate with his sensibility. A
love for vintage finesse in a modern world marries his


Experience the evolution of elegance as we bring forth a collection that embraces grace and serenity. With captivating interplay of pulsating colours, versatile vibrance, ombré effect transcends the ordinary and becomes a masterpiece. The Morden interpretation of traditional essence shines through in meticulously detailed collection. These ensembles are made for glitz, glamour and festive after hours.


Painting a dream in soft pastels, hinting at an affair of traditional and modern sensibilities, Shaayraana is an ode to the long forgotten charm, brought to life through contemporary explorations and ingenious textures.


In simple words, Encore means 'again'. The philosophy behind this collection, designed especially for men, was to reimagine Indian menswear for the modern-day man. At Sawan Gandhi, the aim is to always create designs that are both, timeless and unique, with a certain sense of comfort, also of belonging. Encore is also an extension of that. With textural fabrication, techniques and metallic embellishments, we have reimagined our signature styles - kurtas, sherwanis, bandhgalas and Nehru jackets - to bring a certain sharpness and sophistication to your wardrobe. Geometric patterns - like rhombus, chevrons, linear embroidery with metallic beads - play a very important role in this collection, providing timeless elegance and an edge to the designs.


A thought . A feeling . An emotion . All these elements come together to create LUMIERE - cocktail collection celebrating with a sense of opulence and nostalgia. Suspended between reality and and fade , LUMIERE redefines conventional through prism of abundance.
Boasting of glitter and glamour , LUMIERE is an edit of cocktail gowns , lehengas , sarees and more…


There s a certain charm in the timeless design - almost like a muted whisper under your breath. INAAYA is a reflection of rich , handcrafted experience in the world of couture . A collection comprising of heavy yet fuss free lehenga sets , cocktail sarees , sherwani and kurta sets , INAAYA embodies style and sensibilities

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